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At SERV International, we are all about giving people the opportunity to see and experience life in a whole new way.


Mission:  We use food as a catalyst to completely transform lives.

Vision:  To reach the unreached by distributing 1 million nutritious meals per month around the globe.

How:  We start with food but it leads to so much more. From the jungles of Venezuela ~ to building outreach centers in Mexico ~ to rebuilding communities in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina ~ to rescuing and sponsoring children who have lost parents in Cambodia and Kenya ~ to taking a life-changing global mission trip to the end of the earth: these are just a few ways many have experienced life in a whole new way with SERV International.  We invite you to join us.  How do you want to SERV?




Steve Kasha established teams going to Mexico each year to construct churches and outreach centers as an individual through local church


Lead mission team to the jungles of Venezuela where the vision for SERV was given. Multiple trips over a two year period that worked hand in hand with the Yukwana Tribes along the Orinoco river a tributary of the Amazon

MAY 2000

SERV International was incorporated as a non profit 501c-3 out of Canton Georgia. Steve Kasha listed as founder of organization.


Continued to lead mission teams to various locations around central Mexico through SERV International. Established and built multiple churches and outreach centers over this time period.


In June of 2002, SERV built, established and staffed its own outreach center in Monterrey Mexico called “Pan de Vida” or Bread of Life. Continues today as an every day working ministry under the leadership of Gonzalo Guardiola.

MAY 2005

Was on the ground 24hrs after Hurricane Katrina hit and continued to have an everyday presence through SERV on the ground for 5 weeks.


Led mission trips to Botswana Africa and Russia to try and establish outreach centers in each country. Both countries became very difficult to navigate and we agreed as an organization to put them on hold.


SERV International lead multiple teams to the city of Puerto Plata on the northern end of the Dominican Republic. Established “Tent Projects” which was a three day program of meeting basic needs of people through Dental, medical and food outreach to earn the right to preach to and pray with them at night.

AUG 15, 2006

Took first exploratory trip to Kenya Africa with roughly 10,000 meals in army duffle bags for distribution to those in need.


Continued to take multiple teams back to Kenya over this period of time along with bringing food each trip to distribute. Estimated guess would be roughly eight trips during the time frame. Millions of meals distributed.

NOV 2008

House of Hope orphanage was established in the Northwest corner of Kenya near Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda in the Turkana region near the town of Lodwar.


SERV International is in the process of establishing food outreach programs along with life skill programs to those who are desperately in need in the country of Cambodia. Cambodia will be established as an new outreach post for SERV to continue to help and send teams to accordingly.