The Law of Abundance

I often hear “if I had more I would give more”.  This defies the law of abundance.

My gates of abundance opened once I started donating more. This gave me the feeling of true abundance. Giving and receiving are two beautiful things to balance. When one gives from a place of knowing the universe and God has their back -  watch out!  It creates such a miraculous flow. I believe every dollar I spend returns to me quadrupled and is a very fun affirmation. And because I believe it, I see it. To open the gates of abundance one must feel they are abundant. One must feel they are always in a state of “enough” and are being taken care of.  One has to believe they have enough to give, and what better way than to sponsor a child?   

SERV International is such a great cause and where anyone can give any amount that will return ten fold to the people receiving as well as the one giving.

Casey 3.jpg

These are my 3 new kiddos that I now get to have an impact in their lives. I have 7 with another organization, so I now sponsor 10!   

Casey 2.jpg

I didn’t wait to sponsor a child when I was earning more. I sponsored children as soon as I started my networking career when I was financially BROKE, but my soul and mindset was abundant.  This has been another secret to my success - GIVING. It always comes back!!!


Written by Casey Plouffe