My Passion

Jambo! (Hello)

I wanted to share my story regarding SERV International and hopefully inspire and encourage others to get involved and support the efforts at SERV.  It started four years ago for me when I noticed posts by my friend Jim regarding mission work in Kenya.  We sat down and discussed all the exciting efforts SERV was doing in Kenya.  I stated “I’m in so where do I sign up and when do I go”.  Needless to say I was on the next mission trip to Kenya, my first mission trip and my first visit to Kenya.  I personally have always wanted to follow God’s lead of support for the world around me.  During this experience I was overcome with emotions to see firsthand how my brothers and sisters in Christ lived in another part of the world from the slums to SERV’s House of Hope orphanage in Lodwar.  To meet saints like Mama Mercy and all her efforts to provide for upwards of 600 children in the slums with food, shelter and education warmed my heart.  To see how SERV shares the word of Christ’s love through Food.  To be introduced to the amazing children at House of Hope who have been rescued from poverty and other living situations who require sponsorship to live at House of Hope with a better life (food, protection, clothing, education, LOVE) and to guide them through life in order to be contributors back to their communities when they are grown.  To foster relationships with remote desert villages in Lodwar by delivering food, some wells for clean water, building churches and building pastors. 

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During subsequent mission trips to Kenya (now four in total) I was blessed with the opportunity to bring in new children to our House of Hope.  Each one warming my heart and building my desire to foster them through sponsorship.  I am now blessed to sponsor three of our boys, which provides for their monthly needs of food, clothing, education, protection shaping them into the beautiful young adults they will quickly become.  This sponsorship is critical to their sustaining a quality of life and building their future and provides me a vehicle to share my abundance of blessings with others as God intended.  I also want to add that I was blown away by how SERV organizes and structures the mission trips and the 100% pass through of all donations.  I was further blessed to identify I work for an employer that matches up to $10000 per year and supports my time out of office to take these journeys.  I know SERV cannot continue these efforts without sponsorship not only for our House of Hope children but for all the outreach efforts at SERV. 

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I am now excited to join SERV for my first mission trip to Cambodia, yet another area of our world in need of sharing our abundance.  God blesses me daily with everything I need to live a comfortable life.  I have always had the desire to give back.  It started locally with our homeless ministry through church – food, clothing, love.  Oftentimes people just need to know God loves them and we love them.  I hope this story will inspire and encourage many others to sponsor our children at House of Hope, sponsor the efforts and ministry at SERV International, and to join us on future mission trips.  I have already submitted my application to return to Kenya in October 2019.  It is my passion and fills me with immense joy.  I have love to share with my brothers and sisters around the world in addition to here at home. I have been richly Blessed!

Written by James Ries