Kaakiring - A Village Transformed

In 2012, SERV International was told of a village named Kaakiring, located in the northwest remote desert region of Kenya, also known as the Turkana region. Due to the continual drought in this village, we saw a desperate need for food that we couldn't ignore. Once you see this type of devastation, it changes you. 

We met Jackson, who was a pastor in this village.  He told us of the months they have gone without food, and the toll it was taking on this community, resulting in death of his people and their livestock.  These villagers have depended on their livestock to use as their food or to sell to support their families.  Now they are left with little to nothing, resulting in a loss of hope.

We started with Food First and grew our relationship with Pastor Jackson and his village.  We kept going back with food to share God's love.  Once their immediate need for food was met, we wanted to meet their need for clean, safe water.  They were walking several miles each way to fetch dirty water, and we wanted to provide a long term solution for them by drilling a water well that would supply clean water for the entire village, as well as surrounding villages.  We shortly learned that the water well became their meeting place, as the women would gather for hours as a place to build their community.  

After SERV Food and clean water was introduced, the village began to thrive and the health of the village as a whole began to flourish for the very first time.  With Pastor Jackson leading his village, the local SERV team was able to provide financial support to him and his family, and provide a structure for him to minister in, as apposed to the tree they used to worship under.  Because of this, Pastor Jackson has now helped to plant over 20 surrounding pastors and churches, spreading the Good News even farther outward than ever before.

SERV has also planted the first successful greenhouse in this village, which has been producing fruit and vegetables for over the last 4 years.  This is a huge boost to their daily nutrition and provides even more community for them, as it brings people together from other villages who don't have access to food and water.

So when we say SERV Food is more than just food, this is why.